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Amethyst Cluster Druzy Necklace

Amethyst Cluster Druzy Necklace

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The official birthstone of February, Amethyst is a popular stone among many. While Amethyst is found around the world, here we provide The Uruguayan Amethyst, which are some of the most valuable and sought after gemstones due to their natural beauty, color, and luster. Uruguayan Amethyst’s deeper colors command higher prices due to their comparative rarity. Representing the top two percent of production, our Uruguayan Amethyst comes from a geode (hollow crystal lined spheres) deposit located 31 kilometers south of the town of Artigas in northern Uruguay. With over 90 percent of gemstones treated, Uruguayan Amethyst is one of the few gemstones that are not enhanced.

Long before Roman emperors donned the bright purple ‘toga picta’, pharaohs, kings and queens made purple a potent symbol of sovereignty. From the signet of Cleopatra, an Amethyst engraved with a figure of Bacchus, to the Amethyst necklace of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III of England, Amethyst will forever be linked to fashion, prestige and power.

Gold Plated and hand strung using the finest Uruguayan Amethyst Druzy stone, this statement piece is a natural beauty.

Uruguayan Amethyst is a durable gemstone (Mohs’ Hardness: 7) well-suited to everyday wear. Always store Uruguayan Amethyst carefully to avoid scuffs and scratches. As with any jewelry, proper care is a must to ensure a long lasting lifespan. Clean with gentle soap and lukewarm water, scrubbing behind the gem with a very soft toothbrush as necessary. After cleaning, pat dry with a soft towel or chamois cloth.

Aloe Blooms jewelry that is handmade provides an opportunity to give back with each purchase. Purchasing items from our Aloe Blooms line provides Ficky, our sponsored child from Compassion International, a chance to go to school, learn about our Lord Jesus and receive personal letters from us every month! Because of you and your support, you are wearing more than a piece of jewelry, you are wearing jewelry with PURPOSE. Which is what we are all about!