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Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

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This beautiful Amazonite bracelet is made with 7mm beads that have been double strung on an elastic stretch cord for increased strength and durability. Made by hand and strung with only the best quality beads, you can wear single style or stack with others for the look you want and know you are wearing the best.

A member of the feldspar family, Amazonite, also known as Amazon Stone, ranges in color from blue-green to green. It's an opaque stone often found with white, yellow, or gray inclusions and a silky luster or a silvery sheen. It is know for it's balancing energy, harmony, and universal love. Most commonly mined in Madagascar, Russia, or Brazil.

As with any jewelry, proper care is a must to ensure a long lasting lifespan.

Aloe Blooms jewelry that is handmade provides an opportunity to give back with each purchase. Purchasing items from our Aloe Blooms line provides Ficky, our sponsored child from Compassion International, a chance to go to school, learn about our Lord Jesus and receive personal letters from us every month! Because of you and your support, you are wearing more than a piece of jewelry, you are wearing jewelry with PURPOSE. Which is what we are all about!