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Essential Oils

At Best of Nature, we continually strive to bring you the Best that Nature has to offer, at affordable prices. We craft our recipes carefully, with simple, pure, natural ingredients that have names you recognize. Our products are never tested on animals and contain no chemicals.

We’re here to offer you and your family the very best. Each item is effective, safe to use and created with you in mind. After all, we use these products, too, and only produce something that our own family members would want to use!

Since 1990, we have manufactured our own products in New Jersey. We procure our raw materials from local sources as well as from around the globe in order to deliver the greatest variety of the very best natural ingredients.

At Best of Nature, we truly care about the environment and how our products affect the earth. We only work with and source from companies who have this same philosophy – treat the environment, workers and community with the same care and respect they need and deserve, and together, we can make this world a better and healthier place.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for many different reasons, such as mood enhancement, purifying your home and enhancing your physical well-being. Technically, they are a concentrated, natural aromatic liquid derived from the flowers, seeds, stems, barks and roots of plants, generally distilled by steam or cold pressing. When inhaling the aroma from essential oils, it is widely believed to stimulate brain function. When these oils are absorbed through the skin, they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. Best of Nature Essential Oils are carefully sourced from all over the world and we stand behind our products with integrity. Our Oils are 100% pure, ensuring that we are delivering the highest quality available. You can rest assured you will Never find any synthetics, parabens or additives in our oils.

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