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Aloe Blooms is founded by best friends, Brittney and Kayla. We created Aloe Blooms with the purpose to give back and make a difference through the products, events and workshops that take place. We were inspired by two people who truly lived life to the fullest, Lauren and CJ Davis. They loved to go on missions, spend time with friends and family, and in both of their spare time- make and create anything from cards to farmhouse tables! While their lives were taken tragically too soon, we aim to continue a legacy they created and make a difference. We hope that with each product made, with each workshop hosted, and event attended that we are able to shine a little light that even in the darkest of times, we still can have a hope in a better tomorrow.


Every item in our shop is created with intention and purpose to give back. We create ethically sourced and clean products that donate monthly SOS International, Compassion International, The Lauren and Davis Mission Fund as well as creating opportunities to raise awareness to put an end to drinking and driving. Our goal is to create story forward products that are made to make a difference. You shop. You Give. Join the Movement.

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